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"What is food to one man may be fierce poison to another".
- Lucretius, circa 75 BC -

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More About Our Laboratory Screening Services 
IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Screening
  96-Food Panel: $379.00
Includes 12 months of complimentary support
Food Detective IgG ELISA At-Home Self-Test Kit
59-Food Panel: $279.00
No need to send specimen back to lab for analysis!
cdSCAN IgA/IgG/IgM (tTG) Tissue
 Transglutaminase Autoantibody &
 IgA Gliadin Rapid Test Kit

Celiac Disease and Gliadin
Intolerance Screening Profile:
MyAllergyTest Kit for IgE
Immediate-Onset Allergy

10-Antigen Panel
4 Inhalants, 3 Foods, Mold,
Dust Mite & Cat Dander

saSCAN Secretory IgA Food Intolerance Test
4-Food Panel: $149.00
Includes Egg, Gluten, Milk & Soy
metaSCAN Metabolic Self-Test
Comprehensive Metabolic Analysis

hpSCAN Helicobacter pylori Rapid Test Kit
H.pylori Detection Test

Note: All the above laboratory screenings utilize simple and convenient finger-stick or saliva collection technology.

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