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"What is food to one man may be fierce poison to another".
- Lucretius, circa 75 BC -

Validation & Scientific Research

Within these pages we hope you will find most everything you would like to know about food allergy and sensitivity intolerance testing.  In additional to providing you medical research and supporting studies, we also offer, for your consideration, the comments from others who have experienced, either first hand or through their patients, the benefits of IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Testing.

Medical and Scientific Citations (Click Here): This is an always growing list of medical and scientific research validating IgG-mediated food allergy and food intolerances.  Be sure to check back often as this list is constantly being added to.

The Difference Between Delayed & Immediate Food Allergies (Click Here)

Learn More About Our IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Test (Click Here)

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